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Your Super Hero Brain

Super BrainpowerWhile listening to an NPR Saturday morning program on Super Heroes and Super Powers, the question was asked, “What Super Power would you choose if you could have any power and what would you do with it?”  The answers were diverse and yet, interestingly, fairly common.  Flying, super strength, saving others and invisibility were common themes.

The program inspired my thinking and curiosity.  What would you choose if your brain could have any Super Power you desired? What would you do with it? If you could choose any new capability in your life based on your new Super Brain Power, what would it be? How would life change for you and others?

Super power may be closer than you think. In fact, you already possess brain strengths around your visual (“picture smart”), auditory (“word/sound smart”), kinesthetic (“body smart”), left brain (“logic smart”) and right brain (“creative smart”) abilities. To discover the building blocks for your super power, visit

We would love to hear your comments on what your new Super Brain Power choice would be.  What would be possible in your life, if you could easily create new brainpower?

Author Message:
You may not be aware that our organization is a trusted and respected source of reliable practical neuroscience solutions for personal and organizational development.  We have been creating and delivering brain-based human development solutions, since 1992. The message that follows directs you to a quick, easy, and low cost solution you may be searching for.

It’s true that we all have super powers that we do not use; our miraculous brains and the power of neuroplasticity await your beckoned command. A fun way to continue your journey of self development of your “super powers” is discovering how your brain is wired for success. Your personalized Brain PathWays report gives you practical neuroscience tools, based on your brain strengths to “be the best you can be.” The on-line process takes less than 15 minutes, the results last a life time. Click to purchase your Brain PathWays online self-assessment and download your report today.

One comment on “Your Super Hero Brain

  1. Stephen Hager
    August 17, 2010

    I used to think about super powers over 50 years ago when in elementary school, after moving from NYC to Miami. Some of my new classmates were “bullies.” The idea of flying was very appealing. Instead I developed my legs for great running skills. This served me well until the bullies got to know me and become friends.

    Today I think about telegraphing positive and peacful thoughts to the world. Neuroscience and quantum physics indicate that this super power is available to all of us at anytime. How many of you out there believe this?

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