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College Survival Guide: Your Brain Cheat Codes

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Understanding how your brain is wired and what makes you tick is essential knowledge for academic excellence and a successful life. The key is in applying that knowledge to improve the way you learn, perform and communicate.  Think of it as having a set of cheat codes pre-programmed in your brain that you can use to help you win the game of life in today’s complex and fast-paced world.

The virtual explosion of neuroscience knowledge over recent years has given birth to “The Century of The Brain.”

The Century of The Brain is about:

  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Out-thinking, out-learning, out-creating and out-performing
  • Aligning  and leveraging your brain power for performance excellence

Living creatively and resourcefully in the Century of The Brain requires self-awareness of your brain strengths. These are the cheat codes for the fast track to academic and life success.

You have a sensory sequence preference to take-in information. There are six possible combinations consisting of Auditory (hearing), Visual (seeing) and Kinesthetic (tactile). You have the greatest probability to remember information when it comes through your two strongest pathways.

You also have a unique way to process and think about sensory information. Do you like information presented in a “left brain” logical, orderly step-by-step manner or a more “right brain” open-ended approach with options and possibilities? Or, perhaps you prefer a near equal balance of “left brain” and “right brain” information.

When you know and use your brain strengths, it’s like entering your brain’s cheat codes for successful learning, problem solving, decision-making and skill development. So how do you get the codes? Brain PathWays is the most advanced science based system to accurately identify your sensory and cognitive thinking strengths and “blind spots.” The comprehensive, personalized 14-page report provides easy strategies to get through each level. Your Brain Pathways report is the walk-through you can trust for the brain strength cheat codes that will help you win the game of life.

Author Message:
You may not be aware that our organization is a trusted and respected source of reliable practical neuroscience solutions for personal and organizational development.  We have been creating and delivering brain-based human development solutions, since 1992. The message that follows directs you to a quick, easy, and low cost solution you may be searching for.

Are you are anxious, stressed, and worried about your, or your kids’, educational success? Brain PathWays for Academic Success, based on recent advances in neuroscience and personalized, accelerated learning strategies, is the most comprehensive system available for learning success. Does it make sense that when you learn with the way your brain works, instead of against the way it works, you will experience less stress and learn more, faster? Click to purchase your copy of Brain PathWays for Academic Success today!

5 comments on “College Survival Guide: Your Brain Cheat Codes

  1. 2zpoint
    August 30, 2010

    Kinesthetics is a favorite fascination of mine. Also the left brain and right brain learning is something that they are taking to heart in my daughters school. They actually have reading classes that are segregated between boys and girls to take different learning methods to each. It seems to be working because their test scores are going up. Excellent subject.
    – a left brained reader

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