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College Survival Guide: Overcoming Academic Stress

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Almost all students report “stress” associated with going to college the first time or returning for continued education at a later stage of life. If you relate to one or more of the following key reasons for stress, you can transform learning into a less stressful and more successful experience.

  • Fear of failing
  • Juggling multiple responsibilities (time management issues)
  • Entering unknown territory (new subjects, environment, people)

There are comforting science based facts that may put your mind at ease. Your brain is naturally curious and hard wired to be a “lean, mean learning machine.” Sensory and cognitive thinking equipment and software is in place to take in information, retain knowledge and build skills. Your brain acknowledges successful learning experiences by manufacturing “feelings” of victory and achievement. This reward system further locks in knowledge retention and maintains a cycle of continuous learning.

You can reduce academic stress by visualizing, writing and sharing (with others) the beneficial outcomes you want to experience. Repetitive positive thoughts, images and affirmations create new and deep neuron pathways. When you think positively about positive outcomes, you are more likely to experience positive emotions and feelings. They perform as an internal GPS navigation system, guiding decisive and intelligent actions that create your desired outcomes. These new pathways displace imaginary stress filled thoughts. Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can fool you into thinking a threat is real when it isn’t.

Trust your brain’s natural curiosity and awesome power to learn quickly and with ease. You can discover your sensory and cognitive thinking strengths at a link provided below. Brain PathWays is a statistically validated neuroscience system for academic success and eliminating stress.

Author Message:
You may not be aware that our organization is a trusted and respected source of reliable practical neuroscience solutions for personal and organizational development.  We have been creating and delivering brain-based human development solutions, since 1992. The message that follows directs you to a quick, easy, and low cost solution you may be searching for.

Are you are anxious, stressed, and worried about your, or your kids’, educational success? Brain PathWays for Academic Success, based on recent advances in neuroscience and personalized, accelerated learning strategies, is the most comprehensive system available for learning success. Does it make sense that when you learn with the way your brain works, instead of against the way it works, you will experience less stress and learn more, faster? Click to purchase your copy of Brain PathWays for Academic Success today!

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