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Quick and Easy Ways to Cope With Stress

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There’s no denying it. We are experiencing stress at unprecedented levels. Worries have a cascading effect on our careers, personal relationships and health. If it’s true that our thoughts shape our reality, shouldn’t we be more self-aware of our thoughts? Stress is the silent killer of  quality-of-life. Most stress comes from our stored thoughts and how we interpret input from the physical world.

When we feel like our very survival is at stake, our “reptilian brain” kicks into gear. This ancient brain is reactionary and instinctive. It does not plan or have cognitive powers; yet, it shuts down our ability to think and act intelligently. If you are having difficulty thinking clearly and you feel helpless, you may be operating in your “reptilian brain.” Here are three easy and quick first aid treatments:

Step 1 – “Admit, but don’t submit” to your state-of-mind. If you are in doubt, download a free PDF, entitled State-of-Mind Barometer . Your state-of-mind, good or bad, can change without notice. It’s a roller coaster ride at best. This tool will help you track your state-of-mind anytime you use it.

Step 2 – “Get out of hell quickly” by engaging your higher brain. It’s called your neo-cortex. This is where you think clearly without static and distracting emotions. First, get more oxygen to your brain by deep breathing, drinking ice water, walking and exercising. Then take a break from what you are doing. Listening to classical music, visiting an art museum, reading an inspiring passage, or spending time with upbeat and positive friends are all great ways to get to a more peaceful and resourceful state.  Brain Tune-Up Tools is another good resource, available for free download as a PDF.

Step 3 – “Plan and implement” an action plan to replace the stress induced patterns and problems. You will know you have arrived at the top-floor of your brain when you feel more peaceful and think clearly without excessive fear. You can accelerate the planning and implementation process by utilizing your brain strengths. The reliable Brain PathWays™ survey provides a comprehensive and personalized report that tells you how your brain is wired and what makes you tick.

Self-awareness of your state-of-mind and stress management tools are the keys to living a happier, more fulfilling and less stressful life. Stress is inevitable for most of us, but we don’t have to accept it and let it take its toll on our relationships and health.

Author Message:
You may not be aware that our organization is a trusted and respected source of reliable practical neuroscience solutions for personal and organizational development.  We have been creating and delivering brain-based human development solutions, since 1992. The message that follows directs you to a quick, easy, and low cost solution you may be searching for.

Does it make sense that when you work with your strengths rather than against them, you experience less stress, not to speak of getting more done and feeling better about yourself? A fun way to continue your journey of self development is discovering how your brain is wired for success and how to reduce  stress.  Your personalized Brain PathWays report gives you practical neuroscience tools, based on your brain strengths to “be the best you can be” and, help you escape the clutches of monkey brain. The on-line process takes less than 15 minutes, the results last a life time. Click to purchase your Brain PathWays online self-assessment and download your report today.

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    • brainpathways
      August 2, 2011

      Thank you for listing our “3 Easy Steps to Cope with Stress” article to compliment your blog. Meditation is a powefrul way to quiet the mind and experience peace. Yes, combining meditation and deep breathing is a powerful combination. Helping people get calm and “get their heads together” is a wondeful service.

      Stephen Hager
      The Hadron Group
      Creators of brain based human development tools since 1992

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