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Making “The Secret” Work

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The foundational principles of The Secret and The Law of Attraction are compelling and powerful, yet many are unable to activate these powerful principles in their lives. Why is this?  The answer may lie in understanding the relationship between philosophical software and biological hardware.

In an IT analogy, The Secret and The Law of Attraction (the philosophy) represent very complex software, and neuroscience is the hardware that this software runs on. Neuroscience is how your brain was wired from birth and it is literally the hardware with which you run philosophical programs, such as The Secret.

If you are having a hard time achieving success with The Secret, you may need to understand the current wiring of your own hardware and learn how to use it to run a more complex program such as this. Safe and practical neuroscience practices to manifest the life you desire are available to anyone interested in making positive life changes. When you know how to leverage your brainpower, you can take control of life rather than passively experiencing it.

Isn’t it amazing that the human brain is the only known living organism capable of analyzing itself, solving problems, making decisions and accomplishing nearly anything imaginable? The really good news is that you can build a better life regardless of your age and situation. Your 100 billion neurons are the building blocks for creating the neural pathways that attract what you get in life. The sensory information you take in from people you associate with, your work environment, music, TV and activities you engage in all contribute to creating your life experiences. Think about what you’re exposed to, what you think about and your life choices. What goes in is projected out onto the screen of life.

The following neuroscience principles and practices for manifesting are in alignment with The Secret and preceding works and schools of thought by authors Napoleon Hill, William Atkinson and Wallace Wattles.

1.      Your brain creates your reality and how you experience, react and respond to the world. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, change your thinking. If you like what you are getting, keep doing the same things. Just don’t expect new outcomes from old thinking.

2.      “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.” Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich)

3.      Your ego often perceives danger from the outer environment. Overacting, judging and emotionalizing situations limits use of your higher brain and removes you from the “driver’s seat.” This approach doesn’t lead to a peaceful and stress free life. Visualize putting your emotions into a “neutral gear” and merely observing them rather than letting them take hold. Negative emotions are monumental impediments to manifesting your dreams because they strengthen the perceived experience and cloud your ability to think clearly and respond intelligently. This process works equally well when you associate positive emotions with desired positive outcomes.

4.      Stored memories are neural networks of past experiences, values and learning. This “software” acts as a giant copy machine continuing to attract and project experiences from programmed information. This means that we tend to be unconsciously guided by past experiences, rather than being in the present moment. This condition limits our ability to process information in the now because we are taking positions and making judgments based on past experiences. This severely restricts our power to create new outcomes and better experiences.

5.      While you can’t erase prior memory, you can use your brain’s “operating system” to create new neural pathways that become your navigation system for what you truly want to experience in life. The process is the same as how you built your past memories. The difference, this time, is that you are consciously building new pathways rather than being at the mercy of what other people have told you, false assumptions, bad choices, errors in thinking and faulty learning.

6.      Think about what you truly want to experience in life. Visualize and picture it in your mind’s-eye and capture it with pictures, images, art, symbols and words. Associate with people and situations that role model and support what you want. Attaching strong emotions to your goals and aspirations make the neural pathways stronger and more powerful.

7.      Be boldly audacious in visualizing, thinking about, and acting out what you want. “Fake it until you make it.” Your brain doesn’t know the difference between shooting for the barn steeple or the stars. It also doesn’t know the difference between inner or outer world experiences. Since outer experiences originate from the “inner world,” doesn’t it make sense to create your world from where true creation occurs?

8.      Building and strengthening neural pathways is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to begin. You are the captain of your life. Your brain is your navigation system. Your body is the ship.

In conclusion, experiencing life from your ego is a limiting experience because you are using your animal instincts and emotions rather than your full brain potential. When emotions set in, realize they are brain reactions to programmed thoughts. The feelings are not real; they just seem to be because you experience bodily sensations. Simple awareness of these facts tends to evaporate feelings, permitting you to move into the present moment with clear thinking.

Know, use and trust your brain to create and experience the life of your dreams. There is no secret, mystery or required special rite. Practical neuroscience is the key to manifesting what you want and avoiding what you don’t want. This gift is available to any and everyone interested in making positive life changes. The power of your brain is a powerful force that is 100% under your direct control. Joining like minds amplifies the power. Use it wisely and for good purposes.

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