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Neuro-Magicians Wanted

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Have you ever been intrigued by Merlin of King Arthur days, Harry Potter or Harry Houdini? Perhaps you are a candidate for becoming a modern day neuro-magician. Neuro-magician is a newly coined term inspired by one of the last frontiers in human development…”unleashing the power of the brain.” Very few people understand how their brains are wired or how to leverage their brain strengths to create solutions to their family, career, relationship, academic and life issues. Few leaders know the neuroscience principles of motivation, communication effectiveness, accelerated learning, productivity, creative problem solving and accurate decision-making. Most people do not know how to motivate themselves and others in healthy and sustainable ways. Practical neuroscience is the unrecognized solution to these vexing human and organizational problems that psychology and business models have failed to solve.

Who are the Neuro-Magicians?

It’s been said that magic and the supernatural are the “natural” not yet understood. Make no mistake, practical neuroscience is not a magical art, although the effects may seem that way.

Neuro-magicians are people like you, who are interested in creating a better life for themselves and others using brainpower. They come from all walks of life; there are no socioeconomic barriers. Neuro-magicians are role models, coaches, educators and practitioners of practical neuroscience. They are change agents, helping people and organizations solve problems involving prosperity, health, hunger, safety, the environment, personal growth and peace-of-mind.

What do they know and hold true?

Neuro-magicians know there are no secrets to utilizing practical neuroscience for a better life. The principles and practices of practical neuroscience are safe, available and transparent. Neuro-magicians know their sensory and cognitive brain strengths and “blind spots”, and they understand how to leverage their strengths for life success.They know focused and emotionally energized thought creates reality, and that joined minds sharing high values and common goals may be the most powerful force on earth. Neuro-magicians take care of their brains and bodies for sound health, clear thinking and cognitive agility. Most importantly, they know they can make a difference in their lives, families, workplaces and causes about which they are passionate.

What are the Levels?

  • Fledgling: Learn and use their brain strengths for a better life, ideal career, harmonious relationships and accelerated personal development
  • Advanced: Role model and teach others what they have learned in their family, social circles and workplace
  • Master: Teach and coach scientists, environmentalists, educators, politicians and leaders in all important fields how to manifest positive outcomes without doing harm to anyone using the principles of practical neuroscience. Master level neuro-magicians know how to integrate brainpower, quantum physics, imagination, intellectual logic, knowledge, experience, common goals, high values and effective action plans to achieve monumental positive outcomes to daunting problems. They help organize and facilitate groups of like-minded people to multiply their brainpower, thus forming critical mass for change.

In summary, the work of neuro-magicians may appear magical or supernatural because few people know how to leverage the power of their brains and the brains of their trusted advisors. Nearly anyone can become a neuro-magician and get immediate results. It starts with leveraging your brainpower strengths in your personal life. This knowledge and competency is then extended to your family, friends, workplace and the causes in which you are interested. You will be surprised at how very few people it takes to create a critical mass for positive change. Will you be one of the pioneer neuro-magicians in this Century of the Brain?

Author Message:
You may not be aware that our organization is a trusted and respected source of reliable practical neuroscience solutions for personal and organizational development.  We have been creating and delivering brain-based human development solutions, since 1992. The message that follows directs you to a quick, easy, and low cost solution you may be searching for.

The sky is the limit when we connect our  “heart-power” with our “brain-power.” I believe that people give too much attention to their brains and put their caring nature on the “back burner.” The power of our brains and hearts is the means to create a “neu” and better life. A powerful next step in your journey of self development is discovering how your brain is wired for success; you already know what your heart wants. Your personalized Brain PathWays report gives you practical neuroscience tools, based on your brain strengths to “be the best you can be.” The on-line process takes less than 15 minutes, the results last a life time. Click to purchase your Brain PathWays online self-assessment and download your report today.

7 comments on “Neuro-Magicians Wanted

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  6. YES! (I am developing a love/hate relationship with this site – it seems to be a tractor-beam I simply must find a way to break for now.) I LOVE your site and your “come-from” – as we say in the coaching world. Good job!

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  7. Angie
    August 3, 2013

    Hi, all is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s really fine, keep up writing.

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