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Reclaim Your Personal Power

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Are you feeling lost and powerless? Perhaps you’re wondering how you got to where you are and what you need to do to get to a better place. Many people are experiencing confusion, fear and uncertainty during these troubled times. Regaining your personal power is your navigation system to a better life. Personal power is a combination of brainpower, “heart power” and a sprinkling of “ego power.”

What is Personal Power?

Personal power is when you experience what you want regardless of what’s going on around you. People with personal power consciously and deliberately use practical neuroscience to manifest the most important things they need for fulfillment and growth. The highest level of personal power is when you add “heart power,” or love, to brainpower.

Personal power is also being self-aware of your mental, emotional and physical nature and continuously improving each on a daily basis. Through continuous learning and positive actions, your state of mind and body improves; likewise, your knowledge and “tool box” of manifestation methods grows as well. This process strengthens and increases your personal power.

Great leaders use personal power and the power of like minds to create positive and sustainable change. They know we live in an infinite and abundant universe capable of creating what we want through thoughts, words and actions. Great leaders are resolute and confident when changing things for highest good. In the words of Winston Churchill, “never, ever give up.”


The underlying neuroscience concept for using brainpower to manifest change is to define and get very clear on what you want, rather than what you don’t. Your brain attracts and creates experiences it imagines and thinks about.

Make your goals real by writing them down, imagining wonderful outcomes and thinking about the positive feelings associated with what you want. It’s essential to develop and keep a positive mental attitude and it helps to make and work a plan.

Heart Power

True personal power does no harm to anyone. Love knows that everyone is doing the best they can. Judgment enters the picture because we are all capable of doing better and improving. This statement may help you understand why people attack themselves and others. Everything is relative like “hot and cold,” “good and bad;” it all depends on your perspective, based on your life experience.

Love places you in “neutral gear,” where you quietly and calmly observe and evaluate what’s going on. The goal is understanding the dynamics and potential outcomes. Avoid getting caught up in an emotional state that blocks clear thinking. You can take action if you wish; just do no harm to anyone. Attacks and judgment fuel volatile situations like injecting oxygen into a blast furnace. Forgiveness, love and non-judgment heal.

Ego Power

Ego power is about “me, me, wonderful me.” At extreme levels, narcissistic egotistical behavior dominates without regard for others. It’s highly unlikely that anyone reading this article falls into this category because these extremists have no interest in brainpower and love power. Using a combination of neuroscience, brainpower and love, automatically puts the ego in check. So, a sprinkling of ego makes your journey interesting and fun. Your ego is a part of you and deserves respect and love.


True personal power is in trusting that your brain, heart and the natural order of the universe are working in your favor. A gentle and firm hand on the “tiller” will keep you on-course while you remain alert to changing conditions, opportunities and risks.

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