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Secret Weapon For Unhappy Workers

Your secret weapon is how your brain is wired for performance excellence. Job hunters and career changers will differentiate themselves from the competition and accelerate their success rates by integrating practical neuroscience into the search and interview process. Combining your brain strengths with passion for a specific career is a foolproof way to land, keep and enjoy the “right job.”

It can be so incredibly frustrating when you apply for job opportunities that seem to fit you perfectly, but get no response. Your experience, achievements, education and values seem to be in perfect alignment with the job requirements. As you begin to feel like a “speed bump” from all the disappointments, you get back up, put on your “happy face” and keep the faith that you will soon experience success. In the meantime, stress may take hold and affect your peace-of-mind, health and relationships. You probably wonder what else you can do to give you renewed direction, confidence and an edge on the competition.

If you’ve read “What Color Is Your Parachute?” by Richard N. Bolles, you may have used tools from this job hunting guide to analyze your achievements, skills, competencies and preferences. This classic treasure helps you navigate your career journey. The problem is that there are fewer jobs available and more people actively competing for them. There is one small omission of a little known strength category in this wonderful book. This strength is almost always ignored by job hunters, career changers and employers alike. The job seeker who leverages this strength gains a unique advantage during the screening and interview process.

Most strength groupings seem to focus on “how smart you are,” rather than the “ways in which you are smart.” This is where practical neuroscience enters the picture. The most fundamental and ignored “strength category” is your sensory and cognitive pathways strengths:

Sensory Pathway Strengths

  • Visual: “Picture Smart” (design, graphic arts, data entry, quality control observations, reading body language, eye for detail, remembering what was seen and how it looked)
  • Kinesthetic: “Body Smart” (“gut feel” and instinct for what to do, hands-on activities, projects involving movement and action, building and repairing things, tools and equipment)
  • Auditory: “Word Smart” (listening attentively and patiently, asking questions, copy writing, speech and proposal writing, negotiating, public speaking, coaching and counseling)

Cognitive Pathway Strengths

  • Sequential: “Logic Smart”  (orderliness, sequence,  process and procedures, practical and realistic, schedules and budgets, content, data and accuracy, staying on task)
  • Global: “Imagination Smart” (“big picture”, brainstorming, ideating, inventing, creative problem solving, research, open-ended situations, context, options and possibilities)
  • Integrated: “Balanced Brain Smart” (managing diverse teams, conflict resolution, negotiating highly different points-of-view, combination of strategic and operational initiatives)

All job activities have “neuro-signatures” comprised of a unique combination of sensory and cognitive characteristics. Alignment of how your brain is wired with the “neuro-signatures” of job activities is a secret formula for performance excellence. As an example, IT professionals with strong Visual and Sequential strengths have higher productivity and make fewer mistakes than co-workers who have different brain wiring strengths. A telemarketer or copywriter should have strong Auditory preferences, with a good balance of Sequential and Global strengths to craft language into understandable and memorable messages.

In conclusion, it’s quick and easy to determine your sensory and cognitive strengths using reliable statistically validated assessments you can trust. The next step is to think about job activities that you find engaging and enjoy the most. These will inevitably involve and call for your brain strengths. The final step is to use this unique and powerful knowledge in your cover letters, resume, “elevator speeches,” emails, phone calls and personal interviews. Educating the interviewer and your future boss about unique competencies afforded by your sensory and cognitive strengths will set you apart from competition. Combining your brain strengths with your experience and passion for a specific career is a foolproof way to land, keep and enjoy the job you dream about.

Author Message:
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Are you feeling lost and stressed about work? Doesn’t it make sense that when your work matches your strengths, you excel? Knowing how your brain is wired for success and what makes you tick is the foundation to put in the driver’s seat and gain control of your career success. Now you have the insights and tools to “align” and “leverage” your strengths, your secret weapon. Your Brain PathWays report identifies your unique brain strengths and delivers personalized career guidance. Click to purchase your Brain PathWays online self-assessment and download your report today.

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