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Peace On Earth Arriving Now

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“Peace on earth, good will toward humankind” is a high road, universal message to spread throughout the year. The message is relevant to all places and situations, regardless of one’s religious and spiritual beliefs. If you are reading this article, you undoubtedly care about others as well as yourself, the marker for “good will.”

We have been writing articles on practical neuroscience, developing brain-based human development products and doing workshops and talks since 1992. We deeply and strongly believe that practical neuroscience embraces “peace on earth and good will.” Here are some central ideas around this premise.

  • We are all unique beings with different brain wiring that affects our gifts, interests, careers, emotional trigger points, relationships and the way we navigate life.
  • Our brains are the most miraculous mass of protoplasm in the known universe. The brain is capable of self-analysis, growing more powerful, accessing genius thinking and solving problems.  Collective brains that share high values and goals are the most powerful transformative energy to move quality-of-life to higher plateaus.
  • We all do things for our own reasons, not the reasons of others. Judging others is a form of attack that erodes good will and cooperation.
  • Respecting and supporting the uniqueness and interests of other people creates good will and a more peaceful world; this is a marvelous and delightful act of kindness. Everyone wins.
  • The really good news is that we are all capable of being better, kinder, healthier, happier and more successful human beings through leveraging the power of our brains.
  • The world will be a much better place to live and prosper, when we focus on improving our own quality-of-life, without hindering others as they strive to do the same.
  • Helping others improve their quality-of-life is a very high form of “service beyond self,” a Rotary International saying.
  • Healing words like, “Thank you, Please, I appreciate and value this about you, Great job and I love you,” touch people’s hearts and minds, heal hurtful wounds and build stronger and healthier interdependent relationships.

Peace on earth begins with each individual. We must recognize that we are all doing the very best we can with the state-of-mind we are in and our available resources.  Always accept where you are with gentleness and forgiveness; recognize that your wonderful brain is your personal “Hoover Dam” to power the transformation of your life to levels beyond your wildest dreams. Helping others do the same will accelerate your personal process and is a practical, giant step to building “good will toward humankind.” Practical neuroscience works for anyone and everyone equally well.

Blessings and appreciation to you,

Stephen, Deanna,
Char, Monty and Chuck

Author Message:
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