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Get Your Life In Flow

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simple hdr on water flow (Photo credit: kedondeng)

Many people feel stuck and trapped, experiencing very little “flow” in their lives.  Areas may involve careers, personal relationships, money, health and overall life purpose.  “Flow,” within the context of this article, involves engagement with your chosen activities with energized motivation, focus and spontaneity; progress seems to occur naturally without excessive effort. There are very few, if any obstacles, blocks or conflict; any that appear are temporary and bypassed effortlessly.

The following practical neuroscience ideas and guidelines may break up “log jams” and get you into flow that’s “directionally correct” with what you want more of in life. A key question for each key idea moves you proactively through this process.

Look at problems as opportunities

View conflict and difficulties as “learning opportunities.”  Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich, 1937) said, “Within every adversity is an equal or greater opportunity.”  Look at life as a never ending series of experiments, trying out new things when old thinking and behaviors no longer work.  Direct your energy with an open, curious and flexible mind to discover new pathways of least or no resistance.

Ask: What are the outcomes I want in this situation?

As an example, if you are having relationship conflict, establish what both of you want to experience. If you don’t know, have a courageous discussion. This discovery process may dissolve the problem. Answering this key question to each and every situation you want more flow, reveals insights for a new direction, “higher road” behaviors and perhaps associating with different people and situations.  

Look inward, not outward

Getting into “flow” is an inside game. Self-condemnation or blaming others is destructive. Defining what you most want activates and catalyzes your brain to seek new pathways to your desired outcomes. Associating long-term, positive benefits with outcomes builds internal natural motivation. These elements are traits of “flow.”

Ask: Are my passions, values and strengths aligned with this problem?

 “Flow” is facilitated when your choices involve what you are passionate about and enjoy. Obstacles and blockages are a signal that something is no longer working.  Evaluate whether you are being true to yourself and if your outcomes, behaviors, attitude and skill-sets are aligned with your goals.

Be kind to yourself and others

Situationally, everyone is doing the best they can within their state-of-mind, environment, and available resources. “Being and doing better” is a relative term; if this wasn’t true there would be no basis for growth. With self-awareness, reflection and willingness, everyone can make new and better decisions for self improvement. We are all “works in progress.”

Ask: Do my behaviors support being the best I can be?

You will experience greater “flow” in your career, relationships and personal development, when your best behaviors bring out the best in you. The other half of the above question is, “Do my behaviors support other people being the best they can be?” Your honest response may reveal underlying reasons for obstacles and resistance.

In conclusion, “flow” occurs when your outcomes and goals are aligned with what you really want and you are practicing authentic “high road” behaviors. Helping others “be the best they can be” creates even greater “flow.” You have more power and control over your life than you know. The practical neuroscience ideas and exercises in this article can help you become the captain of your life so joy and fulfillment flow naturally.

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