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Neuroscience of Reversing Negativity

Turning frowns upside down

Replace negativity with positive thinking to turn frowns upside down

Have you observed and experienced an increase in negativity in the world? Politics are but one of many glaring examples of people attacking each other, expressing negativity and bringing our mood state down, as opposed to raising morale and improving the human condition.  Negative energy “rubs off” on others, and conditions get worse as negative thinking stimulates more negative thinking. This is a wake-up call to think more positively and leverage our collective brainpower for a better life and world.

If the power of your brain creates negativity and fear, think about what you can experience on the polar-opposite side by consciously using your brainpower toward different outcomes. Practical neuroscience is the only escape route I am aware of to transcend negative thinking, behaviors and outcomes.  A positive mental attitude and fresh imaginative thinking may be easier and quicker than you think. If you believe that “changing your inner thinking changes your outer world conditions” you possess a foundational truth to create greater prosperity, happiness, safety and peace of mind.

What is Negative Thinking?

Negative thinking is a low level emotional state characterized by fear, seeing scarcity, feeling bad, perceiving threat, being judgmental, blaming and attacking others, confused and scattered  thinking, and not seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel.” Negative thinking seems to occur on the sub-conscious level and arises in unexpected ways. It may be activated by current events that trigger negatively charged memories and then project fearful scenarios into the future. It may also be subtle and simple like a media or internet message that creates a domino effect in your brain. Negative thinking is “negative imagination” and serves everyone poorly; it’s a living hell, often created by fallacious information and groundless fear.

Negative emotional states are not “real;” they only seem real because of physical sensations and cascading thoughts that “things are very bad and out of control.”  Negative thoughts and feelings pick up speed and gravity when you dwell on them; a group of people sharing the same negative thoughts creates an exponential “henny penny effect.” Stock market crashes, financial crises and wars could have been averted had people been able to break free of panic caused by negative thinking.  It’s time we take conscious control of our most important asset, brainpower.

How to Reverse Negative Thinking

The key to controlling and transcending negative thinking and emotions is to recognize them for what they are; unreal with no intrinsic power. If negative thinking is the reverse of positive thinking, then start to think and act positively; this is the magic elixir.  The power used to create negative consequences is the same power available to create positive and pleasant outcomes; it’s two sides of the same coin. You don’t have to rely on a toss; you have the power to choose which side of the coin will define your life.

Positive thinking is characterized by seeing an abundant world with infinite resources, optimism, feeling safe, strong self-esteem, being happy, cooperating and collaborating, and trusting your brain to create solutions to challenges.  “Positive imagination” has the reverse effect of “negative imagination;” think about what your world would be like if you and others practice positive thinking 51%, or more, of your thinking time.

Positive thinking brings the best out in everyone willing to participate. For people deeply entrenched in negative thinking patterns, the process of “thought reversal” still works if they practice the adage of “fake it until you make it.” Forcing a smile on your face, a healthy laugh and repeating affirmations like “it’s not as bad as it looks and feels,” “there is a way out of this mess” and “cooperating with others will change this situation” get’s the attention of the higher and positive thinking  parts of your brain.

The most important part of reversing negative thinking is  stating the positive outcomes you want; saying and thinking what you don’t want always makes things worse because what you give attention to, gets stronger.  Writing, envisioning and saying aloud what you want will kick-start your higher cognitive brain functions until positive thinking becomes automatic.

In closing, the power of positive thinking increases exponentially when you connect and align with people of like mind. This fun, powerful and simple process creates solutions and new realities that do no harm to you or others; the maximal state is helping others improve their quality of life, as you improve yours. This builds good will and magnetizes more people to join you, increasing the benefits for all exponentially.

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3 comments on “Neuroscience of Reversing Negativity

  1. pre-k tutoring
    December 6, 2012

    The brain needs to be fresh and also there should be a lot of relaxation given to the brain for a better output even if the cognition power is strong. The negative thinking thought can also be eliminated due to this brain.

    • brainpathways
      December 27, 2012

      Thanks, pre-k tutoring. You are spot on with the importance of having a rested and relaxed brain for better output; some people know this is true subjectively and there is also some good science to support it as well for the skeptics. Appreciate your comment.


  2. adrimarie86
    December 4, 2016

    This is the best post I have ever read on this topic. Just had to let cha know 🙂

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