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Deanna Phelps and Stephen Hager are committed to helping others reach their fullest potential in their career, personal, college and family pathways . Their goal is to help people live better and more peaceful lives through the “power within.” Since 1992, Deanna and Stephen have been developing practical neuroscience solutions for stronger relationships, clearer thinking, faster learning, higher productivity, stress management and creative problem solving.

Deanna and Stephen are co-founders of The Hadron Group, creators of brain-based human development products for individuals, business, government and education. The Hadron Group, Inc. has worked tirelessly to ensure that their products are statistically valid, reliable and practical so that people can experience a significant positive change in their lives. They have worked with thousands of people around the globe, achieving powerful life changing results and improved business practices.

Recently, The Hadron Group has taken an exciting step toward achieving their goal, with the launch of their new website,  Their new home on the web is a convenient resource for anyone interested in learning about our miraculous brains, and for finding tools to help leverage their brainpower for a more successful and fulfilling life.

Deanna Phelps has over 30 years experience in neuroscience, including working with adults and children with brain damage and neurological disorders. She also has extensive educational background and expertise in neurology, psychology, speech pathology, accelerated learning and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Deanna is an author, public speaker and seminar facilitator. Deanna is passionate about the power and potential of the human brain.

Stephen Hager is a lifelong learner, scientist, author, speaker and teacher. Stephen’s personable and interactive style fosters a climate of trust, innovation and interactive participation. He believes people and groups have the innate knowledge and ability to create innovative and practical solutions to their daily challenges through self-awareness and use of their brain strengths. Stephen enjoys working with practical neuroscience for better daily living.

Brain PathWays™…The Neuroscience of You is a 20-year-old dream of Stephen and Deanna. It’s the most advanced practical neuroscience product for daily living. Everything the creators have learned from 20 years of research, and all of the people they have worked with, is incorporated in the comprehensive and individualized Brain PathWays online system.

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